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The New Renters Guide To Gas and Hot Water

It’s always an exciting time, the first day of moving out of home and into your own apartment or house. The freedom and the exhilarating feeling cannot be overstated as you walk through the door for the first time. It’s not until you feel like a shower or turn on the stove that the thought hits you, where’s the gas and hot water.

It’s easy to overlook in the excitement, especially if its your first time out of home, gas and hot water are not the elements on the forefront of many minds most of the time. It can be a daunting proposition once you look blindly at the slew of different options available online for the market of gas hot water systems.

We’ve collated a little assistance checklist for you to make the job a little bit easier and to differentiate the company that is right for you, especially if it’s your first time connecting gas and hot water to a home.

The 4 Golden Rules

Customer Service

While it may not be all too obvious with gas and hot water, going with a company that has a good response time and decent etiquette will pay dividends later on down the track. Like in any industry, you’ll want to go with a supplier that has a good all-round knowledge of their systems, as well as a friendly and approachable manner with all things related to gas and hot water.

Back in the day, this would suggest having a good phone banking system was a requirement, which is still important, but these days any good gas and hot water supplier will have a full range of online contact options which offer a little more immediacy and flexibility of communication.

Having a check of their Facebook page is a good start with companies with high turnover rates of communication being a little more trustworthy than competitors without an online presence. Another helpful additive for a good gas and hot water supplier is by checking their website and seeing if there is an online communication option available.

Discounts On Early Payments

gas hot water connection

One of the secrets that a lot of people don’t know about when they connect for the first time, is the wonders of early payments, or even paying on time. Some gas and hot water suppliers are notorious for offering discounts to good customers who pay their bills on time or early, which could save you a lot of money if you are in the net position to pay off a little earlier on. Doing a bit of research as you look through the various suppliers will give you a rough idea of what is on offer with each company which will surely assist you in narrowing down a choice.

Area Coverage

One of the principal mistakes that a lot of first-time renters make is not ensuring that a company that they contact without researching, doesn’t cover their area. There are many portals online that will allow you to enter your postcode and get a list of suppliers that will cover that area. A good place to start your narrowing.

Best Overall Price

The simple and elegant final rule for looking at gas and hot water suppliers, price comparisons overall are the best way at determining where you’re going to go. Having a budget in mind helps narrow down the various companies. There’s a lot of comparison companies that will take into account your usage rates and credit rating to ensure you’re shown the more realistic gas and hot water suppliers.

Remember if it’s your first time, don’t rush into a contract, take your time before the moving day and secure one that’s right for you and you’ll be well on your way. Good luck.…