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How can you prevent muscle pain?

You can’t always avoid muscle pain, but there are a number of things you can do to prevent muscle pain as much as possible:

  • Warm-up before exercise.
  • Cool down after exercise.
  • Build up your workout slowly and don’t over train.


Are you going to exercise? Then make sure your muscles are warmed up by doing a warm-up. This way, you stimulate the blood circulation of your muscles, and you reduce the chance of muscle pain. For example, do some stretching and stretching exercises or walk-in slowly to warm up your muscles.

Cooling down

After exercise, it is important to gradually bring your body back to a state of rest by means of a cooling down. For example, do some stretching and stretching exercises or walk slowly to calm your muscles.

Build up slowly

Have you just started exercising? Then do not immediately reach for the heaviest weights and do not immediately run ten kilometers. Slowly build up the intensity and frequency of your workouts. This way, you prevent your muscles from becoming overloaded, and you reduce the risk of injuries.

In addition, it is important to ensure that you have some strength leftover every workout and that you do not train too long. This also prevents overload. Many people who go to fitness do four to five exercises per muscle group, while one to three exercises and eight to twelve sets per muscle group is sufficient. For beginners, three to five sets per muscle group are even sufficient. Do you want more tips? Read the article about starting to exercise.